• Conversion of two- and three-dimensional data into a 3D model made in a variety of materials. These can include PVA/ABS and nylon or other thermoplastics as desired
  • Latest 3D printing using the FDM method and the 300mm/270mm/330mm format, done on our own premises
  • Other methods or formats available — please ask
  • Production of very short runs, single items or prototypes
  • Mass production possible — please ask
  • Rapid inexpensive creation of prototype products, samples and models or spare parts of the kind perhaps no longer available.

Engineering design:
There must be a 3D engineering design or a 2D drawing or a scanner file available to enable the design to be converted into a 3D model and further edited using 3D printers.
It may be possible for Schrickel Designz to create and re-work components and models — please discuss this with us.

Components and models are scanned optically using general laser technology or selective laser sintering (SLS).

planet gear reengineering

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