Prototypes and mock-ups

Prototypes are useful for the judging of functions, design, ergonomics, feel and tactile qualities.
They are also valuable for presentations and photo shoots.
A prototype can be created either conventionally, with CNC support or
by 3D printing, depending on the customer’s requirements.
There are no limits to the choice of materials available.

A mock-up is a model which has been manufactured to exact dimensions or is an imitation for purposes of presentation, while a prototype is a model that actually works.

These days, digital mock-ups (DMUs) have come into use in many settings.

DMU models are conventional CAD models with purely geometrical features
but have had the geometrical volume complemented or extended by
the nominal physical material values for the intended product or part,
in such a way that the resulting data-set can be used in computer-aided physical simulation.

At Schrickel Designz, the services include both physical and digital mock-ups and data-sets.

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